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Mar 9 '14

Tags: grimm television horror fantasy nbc

Mar 7 '14

Tags: supernatural horror slenderman television

Mar 5 '14

Tags: the walking dead horror television amc

Mar 4 '14

Tags: grimm folklore wildsheere nbc television

Feb 26 '14

Tags: the walking dead horror television

Apr 28 '13

3 notes Tags: elementary elementasquee sherlock holmes joan watson lucy liu jonny lee miller cbs television trigger warning racism sexism sexual assault rape fat shaming sizeism

Apr 1 '12

1 note Tags: adam green holliston dee snider gwar fearnet horror hatchet interview television film danielle harris

Dec 4 '11

7 notes Tags: horror television dark shadows the gates the dresden files fear itself american gothic cancelled

Dec 3 '11

33 notes Tags: vampire diaries supernatural name daemon damon television french france